Five Steps to Radiant Wellbeing - for the second half of life!

I have realized that the second half of life - can come at any age - it's usually after what I call a "Milestone Moment" I will go into that in more detail with my next Blog - but, an example would be after the death of a loved one or after a divorce and even especially after a diagnoses of disease - we begin anew again.

Now as I take you down the path of the 5 pillars of well-being or 5 Steps to Radiant Wellbeing - one of my favorite teachers (whom I happen to work for) Dr. Deepak Chopra - says that 95 percent of all disease-related gene mutations are within our mental control.   Meaning - we can control our Radiant Wellbeing by our thoughts and actions - that's delightful news!

1.  The first step to Radiant Wellbeing is taking a look at our "Mental" thoughts and how we process our beliefs.  I suggest we create a sort of "diet plan" moving away from limiting self-talk and limiting beliefs - be kind to your mind and in turn you are being good to your heart and your whole body - because the mind-body connection is real!  Also, hiring a coach can help you spot your limiting self talk and beliefs - these habits live on the surface of your life but, are somehow hidden in the subconscious in-order to uncover them working with a coach is sure to move you forward on the path to Radiant Wellbeing.  Mindfulness based meditation practices are key - Meditation is no small thing!  So it's number one on the list.

2. Second step is Sleep - yes - Sleep - it's important in this 'information" day and age - because we have so many distractions with our electronic devices and technology -  it's going 24 /7 and its literally "running" us - please -  take away those types of distractions and allow your body to Sleep - 8 hours a night - yes - 8 hours is the goal!  Ariana Huffington (who I adore) - (her archetype is Athena) - (more for a future blog) - in her book THRIVE - speaks to this emphatically - the whole book is based on her experience of sleep deprivation and how its an epidemic in our society - she shares that"how to be successful"- is to get more sleep ... a small idea that can awaken much bigger ones: the power of a good night's sleep. Instead of bragging about our sleep deficits, she urges us to shut our eyes and see the big picture: We can sleep our way to increased productivity and happiness — and smarter decision-making.  Love that idea - and it looks so radiant on us!

3. Emotions - especially Anger - is toxic to our Wellbeing and can rob us of our Radiance - so the truth about anger is ... Your anger is all about you. You will never deal with it until you look inward to examine yourself.  Once you look inward, you will see that anger isn't part of your true self. Be your true self and anger is solved.  Take time to honor your emotions - know that they are there to support your overall Wellbeing - be good to your heart - The Brain-heart Connection -is real - The heart is essential to our life, pumping oxygenated blood throughout our body. But it’s also the place where we experience many of our feelings — from a quickening beat when we see our loved one step off an airplane after a long separation, to a painful pause that happens when we hear bad news.  One way to honor your emotions is through journal writing - putting your heart on a page can help you sort out your emotions and honor your true self.  

4.  Exercise - it's not just about 'working out' - it's what truly gives us the "glow" and the "wow" factor - helps our brain and heart stay strong.  So just to list a few of benefits of exercise in keeping us gorgeous -  Smoother more radiant skin, greater self-confidence, increased stature, less stress and anxiety, better immunity and detoxification, more restful sleep - (see number two on the list)- lose more visceral fat - the fat that fuels inflammation, stronger sex-hormones - and hey that's sexy! 

5.  Eat Healthy - buy Organic - eat fresh food - as a Perfect Health Instructor at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing - I teach - no FLUNC Food - Frozen, Leftovers, Unnatural - like "Cheetos", no Nuc'ed foods (no microwaves) and no Canned foods.  Fresh food whenever possible,  I have found that diets and food sources are so personal to the individual - I studied nutrition and know we have so many ways to look at eating healthy - the new paradigm is to create a balanced lifestyle and balanced meals at every meal - there are so many "fad" diets and ways we stress our bodies - choose fresh vegetables, fruits and grains - cut way back on animal proteins - drink water.  Make sure your food source is local, fresh and Organic as a first choice.  Radiance comes from the inside out - so make sure what you are putting inside is going to give you that lasting "glow".

No matter what chronological age you are - you can make choices to have "Radiant Wellbeing" - remember ... we can always choose again - even after a debilitating experience or even a life style change we've decided to make -  activating these 5 steps is sure to bring in balance and Radiance!

I am so excited to be sharing my blog with The Fierce 50