1. Get rid of clutter - I have to tell you - clutter is a big no no - in the Feng Shui and Design World - Clutter in your home will effect every area of your life - begin with one room at a time - get rid of "stuff" - make a habit of letting go …  each month give away items you don't need or use - I am working on a "Program" to help you declutter your home - so more to follow!
  2. Get rid of Cable television -  who needs the bill ?  Simplify your expenses and cut back on watching T.V. - I recently heard that the average american watches 4 hours of Televison a day - this translates to 13 years of T.V.  over the average life span - if you make - $20 bucks an hour- that - translates to a loss of 1 million dollars in income - whoa - let that go! 
  3. Stop spending - frivolus expenses on items that end up in the give away pile each month - get rid of Credit Cards that drag you down - and suck the life out of you … only buy what you can afford.  Cut the cards!! 
  4.  Start to track your expenses. One thing people will benefit from doing is tract the money they spend. It is the best way to find out when you are spending money and what you are spending it on. It is possible you will find you are spending a lot of money you don’t need to.  When you realize that, it becomes possible to make changes. I just signed up for Daily Worth https://www.dailyworth.com
  5. Track your time. Pay attention to how much time you are spending doing "things". Look for ways to cut down on time you think is being wasted on unnecessary things. Time and money are two of the most valuable resources people have. When life gets simpler, the amount of these two things that a person has available will rise. That is the benefit of a simpler life in today’s world. I recently set an alarm on my cell phone  - for every 3 hours over the day - when the alarm goes off - it's a mindfulness practice -what thoughts am I having - what am I focusing on - Bam! - What shall I be focusing on right NOW  - what shall I feel right now …  it's keeping me on track to a simpler life!

Would love to hear some of your ideas - If you're interested on being coached on these points - give me a shout out!