What does being fierce in mid life mean to me?

Oh boy ... Mid-Life / New Life! 

Being in the "Middle" is amazing - knowing who you are and what you want is powerfully FIERCE!  I happen to be excited about this journey - and I have STOPPED doing shit I hate!  I am living my life as my truest self - and I have been really fortunate - I have broken through ALL kinds of limiting beliefs and have created a life I absolutely love!  Somehow these past 2 years have been a major WAKE-UP call - and against all odds - I have manifested the life I have always meant to live! 


Let me introduce to my Friends Cheri Haslock &  Micole Noble :

Cheri  has blown my mind over these past 3 years  -  she is such an incredible "light" with the most amazing energy! High Vibes with unending Positive Vibes are radiating from this Fierce Beauty ! 

Micole and I bonded when we shared an "Amazing"  lunch  with our Boss (at the time) Deepak Chopra.  We will tell you all about it in a Podcast Interview coming up soon!  Micole is a Vedic Educator @ the Chopra Center and a Life Coach, that is passionate about helping others to re-discover themselves and have a life they truly desire!

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Cheri 60, Michigan

What does being fierce in mid life mean to me? Wow as I take a deep breath- Well it’s the love for adventure in midlife that’s pretty fierce. A radical passion for life - all of life. Fierceness lead me to a place where I could take look. A really good look accompanied with heartfelt questions about what kind of adventure was this going to be. Adventure in all it’s fullness. A stepping up, a stepping into what really rocks me. So for me midlife fierceness is the adventure of being present in life.


Micole 45, California



Being fierce, to me, means having an intense passion for life. To love fully what we do, to be committed to the relationships in our lives, and to be continually growing and learning allows us to shine our light such that others are encouraged to to the same. Fierce women are the change we want to see. We will accept nothing less than the extraordinary, for ourselves and for others. 

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