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Do What You Love, Queen

A podcast for midlife women.

You want to wake up feeling excited about life? You want to live purposefully and follow your dreams? You want to feel hopeful about the future…like the best is yet to come? This show is for you!

On Do What You Love, Queen, you’ll hear conversations about reinvention and renewal…advice on how to shed the limiting beliefs and other frustrating things that weigh you down…and insights on how to feel more powerful and confident than ever before.

Every episode begins with a guided meditation to focus your mind, followed by inspirational true stories, advice, laughter, and joy from your host and special guests. This show feels like hanging out with your best girlfriend, taking a walk, sipping tea, and talking about all the big things that really matter.

This is your time. Your life. Your queendom.

You are in charge, sitting on your throne, crown on your beautiful head, and you get to design the life that’s best for you. It’s time to feel like the Queen that you are!

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